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joke bank - Yo Momma Jokes

Yo mom is so dumb that she thought Dunkin' Donuts was a basketball team.


Yo momma's so fat, she has more rolls than a bakery.


Yo mamma is so ugly, she scared the shit out of the toilet.


Yo momma is so stupid that she sat on the TV to watch the couch.


Yo momma is so ugly Fix-It Felix said, "I can't fix it."


Yo momma is so ugly she turned Medusa into stone.

mariela sapon

Yo mama so fat I tried driving around her and I ran out of gas.


Yo momma is so stupid that when thieves broke in and stole the tv, she ran outside and yelled to them,"Hey, you forgot the remote!"


Yo momma's so fat, the only way to get her out of a telephone booth is to grease her thighs and throw a Twinkie in the street.


Yo momma's so fat, she wore a black bathing suit to the pool and everyone yelled "oil spill!"


Yo momma is so old, I slapped her in the back and her boobs fell off.


Yo momma is so fat, when she sat on the back of the bus it did a wheelie.