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Three dead men go to hell at the same time. There is a white man, a Chinese man, and a Mexican man. Satan tells them that they can only leave hell if he can't do what they ask. The white man asks for the fastest sports car in the world; he goes to into hell. The Chinese man asks for the most advanced computer in the world; he goes into to hell. The Mexican man gets a glass soda bottle, farts into it, closes the lid, pokes many holes in the lid, and asks Satan which hole the fart came from. After pointing to every hole on the lid, the Mexican turns around, points at his butt hole, and says, "Nope, this one."


What is the difference between garbage and an Irish girl? Garbage gets picked up.


What do you call a black guy flying a plane? A pilot, you racist.


Q: What do you call stoned Mexicans?
A: Baked beans.

Francis Mata

Being Asian and a woman definitely has its advantages. For example, when you’ve had a few drinks and have to drive home past midnight, you think you're driving perfectly fine, but in reality you're not. Next thing you know, there's a cop. The cop sees you and doesn’t even bother pulling you over, let alone giving you a ticket. Why? Well, he’s probably thinking, “This person’s not under the influence, it’s just an Asian woman driving!”


Q: There are 3 families living in 3 apartments in one building, a Mexican family, a white family, and a black family. A tonado hits the building one day. Which family survives?
A: The white family, because the children are at school and the parents are at work.


Q: Why do Asians hate football? A: Because they spend 13 hours a day making them.


A Russian, a Mexican, and a Texan are hanging out in a bar. The Russian tosses up a whiskey bottle and says, "We have a lot of these back home." The Texan tosses up the Mexican and says, "We have a lot of these back home."


Q: What do you call an Indian in a Ferrari?
A: Curry in a hurry.

Milan Pere...

A Canadian, an American, and a Mexican were on a North American transcontinental flight. The Canadian stuck his hand out of the plane, and said, "We have reached Canada." The others asked, "How do you know?" The Canadian responded, "Because I have just touched the tip of the CN tower." A couple hours later, the American sticks his hand out of the plane and said, "We have reached the USA." The rest asked, "How do you know?" The american replied, "Because I have just touched the tip of the Empire State Building." Another couple of hours passed and the Mexican said, "We have just reached Mexico." The American and Canadian asked, "How do you know?" The Mexican answered, "Because when I stuck my hand out the window someone stole my watch."


Why can’t Polish farmers raise chickens? They plant the eggs too deep.


What do you call three black guys hanging from a tree? An Alabama Windchime.