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joke bank - How to be Insulting

How to be Insulting to Neighbors: On moving in, erect a fence at least six feet high, with a garish finish on their side.


How to be Insulting in Banks: Try to use one of the automatic cash dispensers, but use it incorrectly. If it's inside the bank, do this until someone is sent to help you out, or until you're asked to leave. If it's outside the bank, kick the machine and try to open it with your car keys, a penknife or your umbrella.


How to be Insulting in Banks: When ordering travelers checks, try to get the smallest denomination available, and then take ages signing each check in front of the cashier.


How to be Insulting on the Beach: If there's enough sand, dig huge walls around your site and try to put your neighbors in the shade.


How to be Insulting in Church: Arrive late for any service and arrive noisily. Forget at least one, if not both books, and try to make others stand up while you go back for the ones you need.