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joke bank - How to be Insulting

How to be Insulting in Banks: Take a tape recorder with you to the meeting with the manager. Say nothing the entire time, but simply record all he says to you. Then when he's finished play it back to him at twice the speed and leave.


How to be Insulting in Church: If you just want to look inside the church, go in when you see the sign 'Service in Progress'. Take photographs with a bright flash-gun.


How to be Insulting to Neighbors: On moving in, erect a fence at least six feet high, with a garish finish on their side.


How to be Insulting in Banks: Try to use one of the automatic cash dispensers, but use it incorrectly. If it's inside the bank, do this until someone is sent to help you out, or until you're asked to leave. If it's outside the bank, kick the machine and try to open it with your car keys, a penknife or your umbrella.


How to be Insulting on the Beach: Try to find seaweed and drag this along the beach, leaving bits beside other people's places.