Chocolate Sundaes is live this Sunday!


Sat Jul 22 9:45 PM

Comedy Showcase

Featuring Felicia Michaels, Monty Franklin, Jason Collings, Jak Knight, Johnny Sanchez, Paula Bel.

Felicia Michaels
Monty Franklin
Jason Collings
Jak Knight
Johnny Sanchez
Paula Bel
Sun Jul 23 7:30 PM

Comedy Showcase

Featuring Grant Lyon, KT Tatara, Chris Redd, Fielding Edlow, Jesus Trejo, John Caponera.

Grant Lyon
KT Tatara
Chris Redd
Fielding Edlow
Jesus Trejo
John Caponera
Wed Jul 26 7:30 PM

Comedy Showcase

Featuring Gary Cannon, Kellen Erskine, Jade Catta-Preta, Bill Dawes, Craig Low, Aida Rodriguez.

Gary Cannon
Kellen Erskine
Jade Catta-Preta
Bill Dawes
Craig Low
Aida Rodriguez
Thu Jul 27 8:00 PM

Supply and Demand

Supply and Demand offers a mix of the super famous with the next big thing for 90 minutes of crushingly funny comedy. Don't miss your chance to see the most in-demand comics perform LIVE in front of your very eyes. You never know who is going to stop by and blow the doors off.

Featuring Ruben Paul, Camilla Cleese, Jenny Johnson, KT Tatara, Adam Hunter, Steve Hofstetter.

Ruben Paul
Camilla Cleese
Jenny Johnson
KT Tatara
Adam Hunter
Steve Hofstetter
Fri Jul 28 7:30 PM

Comedy Showcase

Featuring Shaan Joshi, Nick Youssef, Leo Flowers, Tracey MacDonald, Geoff Keith, Johnny Sanchez.

Shaan Joshi
Nick Youssef
Leo Flowers
Tracey MacDonald
Geoff Keith
Johnny Sanchez
Fri Jul 28 9:45 PM

Comedy Showcase

Featuring Paula Bel, Paul Elia, Amanda Seales, Orlando Leyba, Chinedu Unaka, Gene Pompa.

Paula Bel
Paul Elia
Amanda Seales
Orlando Leyba
Chinedu Unaka
Gene Pompa
Sat Jul 29 7:30 PM

Comedy Showcase

Featuring John Roy, Thom Tran, Ryan Stout, Neel Nanda, John DiResta and more comedians to be announced!

John Roy
Thom Tran
Ryan Stout
Neel Nanda
John DiResta
Sat Jul 29 9:45 PM

Comedy Showcase

Featuring KT Tatara, Andre Kelley, Abby Roberge, Alex Powers, Myke Wright, Paula Bel.

KT Tatara
Andre Kelley
Abby Roberge
Alex Powers
Myke Wright
Paula Bel
Sun Jul 30 7:30 PM

Comedy Showcase

Featuring John Campanelli, Brad Wenzel, Taylor Tomlinson, Jason Collings, Ian Abramson, Jackie Fabulous.

John Campanelli
Brad Wenzel
Taylor Tomlinson
Jason Collings
Ian Abramson
Jackie Fabulous
Wed Aug 02 7:30 PM

Comedy Showcase

Featuring comedians to be announced.


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