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The Laugh Factory


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Do you have have a particular style of comedy you love? Laugh Factory's video channels allows you to view videos to match your own interests and sense of humor!

Laugh Factoria Spanglish Channel   Add to Favorite

In 1980 Laugh Factory was the only club to dedicate a night to Latinos. Visionary owner, Jamie Masada, realized the importance of the growing Latino population and a lack of Latino comics needed to meet a growing demand. He found the only Latino comedian, Paul Rodriguez, and with his help as the host of the show, the Laugh Factory and Paul discovered, developed, and nurtured talented Latino comedians. There are now thousands of working Latino comics and the Laugh Factoria continues to give them a platform to perform their comedy.

Laugh Factory Soap Box   Add to Favorite

Every FACTORY has a place to test and smash and discard stuff. Our place is called….Laugh Factory Soap Box!

The Kevin Nealon Show Channel   Add to Favorite

Every Tuesday night at Laugh Factory, comedy veteran Kevin Nealon invites some of LA's hottest comics to try out new material and attempt to match wits with him. We've compiled some of his funniest guests and most hilarious interviews into a Laugh Factory original web-series we like to call "Kevin Nealon Show".

The Headliners Channel   Add to Favorite

For over 30 years the Laugh Factory has been a breeding ground for some of the world's greatest talents. We've seen the best of the best from Pryor and Dangerfield to Seinfeld and Chappelle. And while you never know when one of these legends of comedy might drop into the club, you can always relive their classic moments on our stage.

Laugh Factory Comedy Camp Videos   Add to Favorite

Each year the Laugh Factory hosts a Comedy Camp for underprivleged kids in the LA area and we've captured some of it on video!

The Battle of the Sexes Channel   Add to Favorite

Whether you're heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, transexual, or asexual, chances are there's a comic out there making fun of your love life (or lack there of). Check out some of our favorite bits about dating, masturbating, dumping, and humping.

The Asian Comedy Channel   Add to Favorite

Asians are taking the comedy world by storm! Over the past few years there has been a huge rise in Asian comics, and guess what? THEY’RE HILARIOUS! This channel is your one stop spot for all things funny, and all things asian.

Boycott These Jokes Channel   Add to Favorite

Some jokes are so awful, so vile, so absolutely, revoltingly disgusting that they should never be repeated. We've collected some of the dirtiest, smuttiest material on the face of the earth so you know what jokes are absolutely not safe to repeat. Please, peruse this library of lewd humor so you know what jokes NEVER to repeat.

The Fresh Faces Channel   Add to Favorite

In comedy, just like anywhere else pay your dues. Before you become great you're what we call a Fresh Face. These are comics you may not have heard of but once a month we bring them together to show us what they've got. Let's just hope one day when they're rich and famous, they still drop into the Laugh Factory once in a while.

The Black Comedy Channel   Add to Favorite

In 1979 the Laugh Factory stage was christened by comedy legend Richard Pryor. Ever since, it's been a mecca for black comics to shine. No matter what color you are, you'll be able to laugh out loud (or LOL for short) at these black comedy stars.

The Funny Chick Channel   Add to Favorite

They do exist! Let's face it, female comics get a bad rap. But here at the Laugh Factory we give lady comics their fair shot and they don't disappoint. Here are some clips from some of the funniest comics in the industry who just so happen to be women.

The Political Comedy Channel   Add to Favorite

Let's face it, American Politics are a joke and the comics here at Laugh Factory know it. Whenever politicians slip up, act out or make fools of themselves, we'll be there. Whenever they blow a press conference, blow a treaty, or just plain get blown, you better believe we'll be there!

The Latino Comedy Channel   Add to Favorite

A lot of people refer to Los Angeles as "Little Mexico" or "Mexico Light" – at least we do here at Laugh Factory. That's why our doors are always open to some of the finest Latino comics in the world. So whether you're a Cholo or a Gringo we've got jokes from Hispanic comics that will et hacen reír until you orinar los pantalones.

The PG Comedy Channel   Remove from Favorite

Here at Laugh Factory, we believe in laughs for the whole family. Here are some jokes you won't be embarrassed to bring home to your mother. Even the Pope himself has been caught laughing at some of these squeaky clean gems from Laugh Factory's most wholesome moments.

Great Impressions Channel   Add to Favorite

There's a lot of crazy people in the world, so we need comedians to make fun of those people. Many of the biggest stars earned their names from doing spot on impressions, and the tradition of high quality mockery continues to this day. Click here to see your favorite famous people, just don't be surprised when they look a bit different.

Backstage at the Laugh Factory   Add to Favorite

The Laugh Factory has always drawn the biggest names in comedy to our stage. Now we're taking you Backstage to get a more personal, private, VIP look at the funniest people on the planet. We've gotten your questions and asked your favorite comics to answer them.

Top Laugh Bowl Videos   Add to Favorite

Every year we pit USC vs. UCLA in a battle called the Laugh Bowl! Students from each campus square off in a battle, but only one is named champion. You decide – so audition, compete, and vote! Watch previous comics to get a feel for your competition!