Tom Papa - Cheesecake Factory

So... did you save some room for desert?

Tom Papa

Tom Papa

Comedian Tom Papa is known throughout the country for his many appearances on the Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Television audiences also know Papa as the star of his own sitcom on NBC, Come to Papa, from March 2004.

Papa grew up in New Jersey and first realized he wanted to be a comedian when, at a very young age, he heard Steve Martin's comedy album, Let's Get Small. Comedy became an addiction which he perfected in clubs throughout New York City.

After about four years, Papa got his first big break. He was given a half-hour special for Comedy Central and was handpicked by Jerry Seinfeld as an opening act on his tour which continues to this day.

Now, he says, "I'm in the lucky position of being able to make people laugh for a living." Papa has also appeared in the films Analyze That, Comedian, and is landing his voice-over talent to the upcoming animated feature Bee Movie. Papa lives in New York and Los Angeles with his wife and family.


Tom Papa
Tom Papa Returns
Tom Papa -Tom Papa Returns

Dom Irrera Live from the Laugh Factory - Tom Papa Returns

Comedian, actor, and writer Tom Papa makes a return visit to chat with Dom about drinking and drugging, not apologizing for your comedy, and his fall-back plans for when he crashes and burns.

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Tom Papa
Jay-Z has all the Money
Tom Papa -Jay-Z has all the Mo

Tom Papa - Jay-Z has all the Money

Tom Papa thinks Jay-Z is causing the failing economy at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, CA.

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Tom Papa
Cheesecake Factory
Tom Papa -Cheesecake Factory

Tom Papa - Cheesecake Factory

So... did you save some room for desert?

Tom Papa
Eating Animals
Tom Papa -Eating Animals

Tom Papa - Eating Animals

What if God didn't intend for humans to eat meat?

Tom Papa
Tom Papa -Aging

Tom Papa - Aging

Tom discovered Portugal and invited pineapple juice.

Tom Papa
Drunk Girlfriend
Tom Papa -Drunk Girlfriend

Tom Papa - Drunk Girlfriend

Drunk girls are like toddlers.

Tom Papa
Tom Papa -Marriage

Tom Papa - Marriage

Marriage and kids changed my life.

Tom Papa
Tom Papa -Fat

Tom Papa - Fat

I'm getting fatter.

Tom Papa
Old People
Tom Papa -Old People

Tom Papa - Old People

Old People get away with a lot.

Tom Papa
Tom Papa -Dad

Tom Papa - Dad

Dad's are treated different today.